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Final Draft: ​Facial Recognition Marketing


Why Give’s “Final Draft” provides an analytical platform that creates, delivers, and captures philanthropic marketing and communication value for nonprofit organizations. 

Traditional Testing is Archaic. Focus groups and A/B testing are measurement techniques of the past. Why Give’s technologically advanced services and platform assures you that you’re communicating exactly what you’d like to communicate and will help you understand why people support your nonprofit.

After you have developed a draft of your promotional video, Why Give will use its innovative facial recognition testing services to assess if the video will accomplish exactly what you intended. Our analytical services will then assist you in producing a final draft that will help you understand and effectively engage your stakeholders to move them toward giving.


Why Give Will Analyze:

* Commercials

* Speeches

* Recorded Presentations

* Nonprofit promotional videos

* Video and Audio

* Social Media

With “Final Draft” We Measure:

* The Strength of Your Video Content

* Effectiveness of the Voice Narration

* Emotional Outcome

* Visual Assessments

* Impact of Your Call to Action

Our Proven Engagement Strategies & Tactics Will:

* Increase engagement with personalized content

* Increase visibility into donor intent

* Create compelling videos

* Issue a call to action

* Confirm or develop your case for support

* Enhance emotionally resonant moments

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